Maintenance Contracts Sunninghill

Maintaining the building or the house requires a team that has experience and a team with a wide range of trades. Managing the building is what we concentrate on to deliver excellence in service.

What we deliver the complete maintenance team

  • We agree with you on the terms as to what has to be maintained and repaired if necessary.
  • Any complex maintenance work will be analyzed and planned based on the requirement.
  • A contract relating to the maintenance is compiled with apart from the same being renewed if required.
  • We make sure that the time allotted and scheduling of the maintenance contracts is agreed
  • We believe in meeting the goals such as safety, quality, and all that comes under the scheduling and is executed with a passion of comfort provided to you.
  • We undertake both planned as well as ‘re-activate’ planning.
  • We serve houses and commercial buildings as well, where a high standard is maintained while doing our job on a maintenance project and at the same time meeting the budget.
  • We continue to see improvements in our process based on the feedback, which has kept us on the mark in delivering our section of the task.
  • There is a special team who takes care of the process of maintenance, focuses on the standards and the steps based on which the whole project is planned.
  • We get the best work done when it comes to maintaining the house or building as we internally as well as outwardly scrutinize in order to get to the self-assurance relating the task to be perfectly performed.
  • The intention of segregating the teams dealing with each sector of the business is basically to get a better picture on what those sectors are committed to performing so that the output given by the team is up to or above the expectation of the client which actually results in more clients for business.
  • The quality we prioritise is important, we are in the business for the reason that we get the projects completed accurately and on time!